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Do You Have A Wiring Project We Can Help With?

Wireless Network Installation

Wireless networks can be a great solution for internet access or point to point LAN extensions when running wire isn’t possible Our wireless services include:

  •  Commercial sales and installation of wired backbone and wireless access points

  •  Point to point fixed wireless LAN exentions

  •  Wifi hotspots

  •  Hospitality wireless solutions

Voice Network Installation

We can install new cabling for your traditional or VOIP phone system. Our voice services include:

  •  Cat3, Cat5e or Cat6 Installation

  •  Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems.

Structured Network Cabling

Cat5E, Cat6 or Fiber – We wire it all.

Whether you’re building a new building or upgrading a new one. Our trained installers can get your new network installed quickly and professionally. We are your one stop shop for Cat5e, Cat6 & optical fiber installation. We can evaluate your current plans and offer you the best, most cost effective network solution. Our data services include:

  •  Full Network Installation

  •  Cat 5E, Cat6 & optical fiber termination and testing.

  •  Rack, patch panel and MDF installations.

  •  Patch panel termination & testing

  •  Cable Certification

Fiber Optic Installation

Do you need the performance and distance capabilities of fiber optic cable? We can install it for you! Our fiber services include:

  •  Aerial, underground & indoor installation or singlemode or multi mode fiber.

  •  Termination and testing of all fiber optic cable and termination types (LC, SC, ST, etc)